Interior Construction

Interior Construction is the future of the built environment.

At Creative Office Pavilion, we believe that prefabricated interior construction products by DIRTT and Maars Living Walls can play a crucial role in design and development of built environments, and we provide many different prefabricated walls, millwork, flooring, and acoustical systems solutions. Our interior construction offering is an important part of our commitment to delivering complete solutions for spaces in a wide range of different industries.

Our interior construction specialists are a key part of the Creative Office Pavilion team. With diverse backgrounds in architecture, construction, and interior design, they understand which prefabricated products make sense for a particular space, and work seamlessly with designers, project managers, and installers. The result? Projects that are on time and on budget, and high-quality interiors that meet the needs of clients every time.

Benefits for:

  • Facility Owners – Creating flexible, high quality spaces that deliver exceptional business results.
  • Architects and Designers – Prefab construction gives you the freedom and tools to design custom spaces exactly how you imagine them; cost competitive, custom and fast.
  • General Contractors - sub-trade you can rely on for clean, rapid installs; the Prefab approach ensures improved worksite safety and skilled support throughout the construction process.
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Solutions for:

  • Healthcare – Create spaces that do more for the people who use them; Prefab solutions help reduce infection, integrate medical technology and create more caring, less clinical environments.
  • Education – Educators can immerse themselves in the design process to create educational spaces that will inspire new ways of thinking and learning.
  • Commercial – Dynamic, flexible spaces that represent your brand and support your business goals, now and way into the future, are realized using modular interior construction methodology.


Our millwork solutions sit at the intersection of durability, functionality, and flexibility. Whatever the industry or functional area, virtually every business requires high-quality millwork. Reconfigurable and flexible, modular millwork solutions reduce acquisition and maintenance costs and conserve environmental resources.

We provide modular millwork from leading manufacturers known for beautiful, functional products that can endure the rigors of intensive use. Each solution is built to exact specifications and available in wide range of colors, wood grains, and hardware options. The result is well-built, highly functional millwork that is a smart long-term investment.

Acoustical Solutions

When it comes to acoustics challenges, we deliver sound solutions. Providing spaces where employees can work without distraction is crucial to a positive, productive work environment. Acoustics are a vital part of this equation. As more organizations embrace open plan collaborative work areas, they must consider how noise and distraction impact the employees working in these spaces. The right work environment is one that facilitates communication while at the same time creating opportunities for quiet and concentration.

Creative Office Pavilion understands the importance of workplace acoustics. Our interior construction team provides sound-masking solutions for walls, floors, millwork, and ceilings. By addressing the entire envelope of a space, we ensure optimal hearing conditions, noise control, and speech privacy, enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Ceilings play an important role in ensuring proper room acoustics, and our offering includes ceiling and wall panels from Ecophon, a leading global supplier of sound absorbing systems that address a wide range of acoustical issues. The company’s Ecophon® Solo™ fiberglass panels not only provide Class A sound absorption, but come in a range of different sizes, shades, and styles for virtually endless design options.


A powerful partnership for first-rate flooring. We work closely with Pavilion Floors, an industry leader in commercial flooring solutions. The company represents a broad, deep catalog of more than 250 carpet, hardwood, ceramic, and specialty flooring solutions from all major manufacturers. It also provides a full range of flooring-related services, including consultation, project management, sub-floor preparation, moisture mitigation, and final installation. In addition, as a member of the Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance, Pavilion Floors promotes sustainability and a safe environment.

The team at Pavilion Floors excels because it is focused exclusively on flooring solutions. Specialists and installers are cross-trained and certified in a variety of areas, including broadloom, tufted, and woven carpet, sheet or tile vinyl, sheet or tile rubber, hardwood, and ceramic and stone finishes. This specialized expertise complements Creative Office Pavilion’s many other products and services, allowing us to deliver a world of options and top-to-bottom solutions to our clients.

Prefabricated Walls

An innovative, flexible way to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your space. Walls play a crucial role in shaping the built environment. Beyond contributing to the look and feel of a space, they have the power to impact acoustics, privacy, and productivity.

Our prefabricated wall systems are a flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional drywall. Through just-in-time production techniques, they are fit to a space’s exact size and shape, and can be produced with a broad range of different features and finishes to harmonize with building interiors and brand aesthetics. Wall cavities can house modular electronic/data wires and infrastructure, and are built with sound-absorbing properties that improve acoustics and performance. Because prefabricated walls are manufactured in a controlled environment with low-VOC finishes and adhesives, they are an environmentally friendly choice.

Superior fit and finish, optimal performance, and faster move in time: our prefabricated options are a smart choice for wall solutions.

Raised Floors

We provide flexible solutions that support critical equipment and infrastructure. Raised access floors are the foundation for designing smart flexible spaces. In today’s rapidly changing work environments, flexibility is vital as it allows for expansion, reconfiguration, or repurposing of space.

The value of raised floors extends well beyond the server room. Our solutions are designed to be installed quickly and allow for easy access to modular electrical and wiring. This cuts construction time and facilitates cost-effective long-term electrical and data management. Workspace becomes significantly more flexible, which saves money and minimizes downtime.

As just one part of our comprehensive interior construction products offering, our raised flooring solutions allow us to take a holistic approach to creating smart, effective spaces for every type of work environment.

Modular Electrical and Data

A team with the skills and expertise to build effective long-term solutions. Modular interiors are only as agile as the infrastructure running through them. When electrical wiring is hardwired to each location, it becomes an anchor, but modular electrical and data product solutions leave work environments well positioned for future growth and change.

Plug and play, quick connect infrastructure saves time, money, and waste. At Creative Office Pavilion we provide deep expertise in local building codes, estimating power needs, and creating power plans, making us an ideal full-service partner.

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