Pilot Studios

A relocation allowed Pilot Studios to add unique elements that support the creative nature of the company.

Art of Collaboration
Staying true to the company’s values, a diagonal path intersects Pilot’s new space in a way that integrates departmental “neighborhoods” and inspires an atmosphere of open collaboration. The unique circulation path is just another way that Pilot encourages their in-house creatives to look at things from different perspectives.

Productive, Together
Workstations from the previous location were largely reused to build out the benching landscape in the new space. Herman Miller’s Canvas continues to provide an ideal solution to bring together Pilot’s illustrators and designers to maximize productivity. New height adjustable benching seats were added to support their growing team.

Interior Inspired
Inspired by the history of the building and its natural wood ceilings, DIRTT Timber gives the space a deconstructed and raw feeling, bringing natural elements into a fast-developing corner of Boston. The Timber product ‘frames’ key spatial elements - the kitchen, conference room, raised stage lounge - to integrate rather than separate them from the rest of the workspace.

An Eye for Design
Aesthetic and detail are essential parts of graphic design creation, elements that were crucial throughout the design of the new office. It was important to create a successful workspace, while maintaining cohesive branding throughout for their employees and visiting clients.