Our Team

We are Creative Office Pavilion, curators of inspiration.


Our leadership team in a nutshell? More than 400+ years of combined experience. Diverse backgrounds in construction, warehouse, design/architecture, and LEAN process improvement to name a few.

Founders Circle: Fundamental values that define our culture.

When Joe Gardner, Gerry Weber, and Sam Scialabba started Creative Office Pavilion, they did it with a simple goal: deliver products and services that create productive, attractive workplace environments. More than 25 years later, their vision and “always treat people right” mentality still touch everything we do.

The Creative Office Pavilion Family: We love our clients, and the feeling is mutual.

What makes a great workplace professional? Deep experience, endless enthusiasm, and a whatever-it-takes attitude. Our people share these qualities, and they like to have fun. Stop by one of our showrooms and you’ll see what we mean.

The 20 Plus Club: When you've seen it all, you know what works.

They’ve been with us for the long haul, and are a special part of the team. Their wisdom and spirit guide every part of our business, from the products we carry to the people we hire. They keep us on top of our game, and keep us delivering for our clients.

Denise Horn

Sam Scialabba

Joe Gardner

Gerry Weber

Mike Clancy

Angelo DeBenedictis

Dina DiTommaso

Sharon Lavery

Kristin Miner

Barbara Mokler

Alex Sanda

Karen Van Winkle

Patrick Hayes

Kimberly Pinkerton

Rick McKenney

William Novick