“To know that I had a team like Creative Office Pavilion behind me gave me absolute confidence that all would go well. I am so grateful to all of you for the roles you played in helping me bring this project together.”
EMG3 Company representative
“The new furniture is excellent and people love the new space. It has had a very positive impact on peoples’ moods and the overall environment. Working with COP was a pleasure and we are thankful for all that you did (and do).”
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“MSB prides itself with creating an experience that brings our customers back, time after time. It is nice to know other companies feel that way, too!”
“COP went above and beyond my expectations in assisting the furniture committee through the bid process. It was a collaborative effort that resulted in a school that fits all students.”
Lewiston Public Schools Company representative
“COP is a solid partner, dedicated to their clients and committed to following each project through - from beginning to end. It can be difficult to find a vendor you can count on, but we've found just that in COP.”
IDEXX Laboratories Company representative
“I came in with pretty strong opinions for the look and feel of the space. COP had my vision in mind and were able to find the right solution.”
Gould Academy Company representative
“We purposely decided to work with Creative Office Pavilion and Herman Miller because we knew they were dedicated to green and sustainable design. I would like the Creative Office Pavilion staff to know they have helped us change our culture in a remarkable and very important way.”
Unitarian Universalist Association Rob Molla | Director of Human Resources
“Watching the transformation of the space at Patriot Place was incredible and working with the team at Creative Office Pavilion, we were able to hit our deadlines and achieve a 5 star look for a craft brewery! Come down, check out their work and have a pint! Thanks again for an amazing job!”
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“In a word, “Fantastic”! Once [the team] saw the space and the furniture they were converted to true believers. I personally am extremely pleased with the end result, but moreover, I’m glad we chose [Creative Office Pavilion] to tackle this project for us.”
Needham Bank David Sewall