Universal Health Services

Universal Health Services (UHS) needed to build two new facility spaces that reflected their view on how healthcare should be: a positive and local experience.

Lancaster 1

A Warm Welcome
Both Lancaster Behavioral Health Facility and Holly Hill Hospital greet patients and visitors in a similar fashion: with large windows that flood the space with light. Chairs and couches are available along the window walls and line the perimeter of the lobbies. A gathering place for families to converse sits opposite the perimeter seating at Lancaster.

Working for Wellness
Shared work and conference rooms were built out at both locations to support the facilities’ teams in maximizing their productivity when not working directly with a patient. Workstations provide privacy and allow employees to focus on tasks throughout the day. At Holly Hill, a shared work room overlooking the greenery surrounding the building creates an environment that’s open and welcoming.

A Positive Experience
The patient and visitor areas were strategically designed to enhance patient experience. Side tables are conveniently placed for bags, water bottles or books in the waiting area. Tables and chairs in the communal dining room provide as much comfort to guests as those in the lobby, ensuring that patients and guests have a pleasant visit throughout.

Setting the Standard
Due to the setting and hospital culture, all products were required to meet certain thresholds for durability and product security. The challenge was to uphold these standards while prioritizing welcoming and comforting spaces. This was achieved by using a warm veneer on products that met UHS Standards, and optimizing the use of natural light.

Lancaster, PA + Raleigh, NC Location
Stengel-Hill Architects Architecture
Nemschoff Behavioral Health Product
Herman Miller Offices, Workstations, Ancillary

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