Life Science

Thrive. An Exact Sciences Company

To envision a healthier future through an innovative detection technology, Thrive’s new headquarters needed to promote an effective harmony between lab research and office space.

Herman Miller Eames Executive Chairs around conference table at Thrive Headquarters by Creative Office Pavilion

Built to Thrive
With exciting insight from the FDA that Thrive's proprietary blood tests were going to obtain wide approval, the company needed a unique space to provide employees dynamic lab and office areas to conduct their revolutionary research. DIRTT prefabricated construction offered exceptional design assistance while staying engaged during the pre-construction process. Despite a temporary halt due to COVID, the team was able to accelerate the order upon returning to work. The project was delivered on time and under budget.

Designed to Flex
As with much business, COVID interrupted the original project vision. COP, Thrive, and LAB Architects had to pivot and rethink the collaborative, gather-focused spaces since physical restrictions were in place. Studio Other offered the flexibility to continue carrying power while eliminating desks in the middle, a selection that allows instant expansion after restrictions begin to ease.

An Unwavering Commitment
As a company, Thrive, "[vows]... to always support one another." The initial project goal was to support this company mission through open and collaborative spaces to encourage gathering. Although COVID restrictions altered the original design of the collaborative areas, LAB Architects, Thrive, and the COP team worked together to incorporate product and space planning that still encourages the employees to work together to reach their goals.

Staying On Brand
Integrating their corporate color palette into the design was important to the Thrive team. The essence of 'spirited' is woven into the fabric of the company, both as a core value and within their new workplace environment. The bright brand colors inspire employees to do their best work in an energetic and enjoyable atmosphere where they can truly thrive.

LAB Architects Architecture + Design
Dowling Houy
Project Management Firm
DIRTT Environmental Solutions Interior Construction
Studio Other, Humanscale Workstations
Herman Miller, Sit On It, Naughtone, Grand Rapids, Furniture Lab, Nucraft

Photos by Christopher Goldthwaite