Medical Research Institute Client

This Cambridge nonprofit chose design elements that express their mission to bring their employees together in one space, invest in their health and wellbeing, and support community and collaboration so they can focus on the amazing work they do in the world.

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The Pursuit of Innovation
A workplace visioning process allowed this organization to establish clear goals for the office, including unique places for employees to complete tasks. The result enables staff the freedom to switch up their workspaces, facilitates collaboration and teamwork, and celebrates the culture of innovation and global reach.

A Sustainable and Healthy Future
As a nonprofit striving to improve health and equality in developing nations, they personalized the interior by incorporating wood and natural fibers and limited the use of plastics and non-renewable resources. They chose manufacturing partners like DIRTT and Herman Miller for their commitment to community and the environment.

Reducing the Noise
Acoustical demands of the client were intense, to which DIRTT delivered a high quality solution. Each room needed to meet stringent noise reduction guidelines, so additional constructability steps were required to enhance both speech privacy and confidentiality.

A Valued Partner
In the spirit of philanthropy, this organization wanted more from their furniture dealer and manufacturer. Herman Miller’s dedication to design connected with the client’s leadership team and proved COP and Herman Miller to be like-minded partners. Learn more about Herman Miller’s environmental initiatives in their Better World Report.

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