Supporting the collaborative, fast-paced culture at Celsius Therapeutics was an essential driver for their new office design. Groups of all sizes gather to ideate, and the many choices for meeting spaces supports these activities. Small phone rooms double as two person conference spaces, where associates can map out ideas on the markerboards. Larger rooms and diner style booths support the needs of larger groups. These spaces utilize wall hung sound absorbent material to create quiet zones, while adding interest with color and texture. Each of these areas were built using DIRTT prefabricated glass walls so that light can filter throughout the entire space. Each meeting area is unique, using different furniture and color palettes to differentiate each space.

The center of the space is truly the hub, where groups gather at any time of the day to share ideas, food and drink and support the unique camaraderie of the company. This common space truly keeps the company connected, and there is even a neon sign with the word “connected” to support this concept. Long tables with various seating options create a space that can be reworked in a number of different layouts, depending on the needs of the group

Sit to stand workstations configured in a 120 degree planning creates an organic serpentine=like design. The radius on the front of the desks were specially designed to mirror the radius of the large curved monitors, offering a comfortable and ergonomic experience. Since Celsius had used Aeron seating in their previous space, and enjoyed the comfort of the sit, new Aeron chairs were purchased to support the entire office’s task chair requirements.

As is appropriate, this new Kendall Square space features Celsius’s lab space, with a wall of glass that allow workers and visitors to peek in and see the science at work.

LOCATION: Cambridge, MA


  • Herman Miller: Furniture
  • DIRTT: Prefabricated walls