Anchor Capital

After 30 years in the same space, Anchor Capital Advisors knew they were ready for an open and contemporary office.

Anchor 145F

A Room with a View
This esteemed investment company welcomed the opportunity to lower the panel heights to create a more light-filled environment. Since their new space at One International Place offered dazzling views of the city and harbor, they were ready to embrace a workstation horizon that let associates enjoy the views.

Personal Space for All
Besides lowering the workstation panel heights, designing workstations with distinct boundaries was a priority so people had a sense of personal space. Rounded screens wrap the height adjustable desks and move up and down with the desk to support privacy.

A Gathering Place
The heart of the office is a bright, open café space for dining or meeting. Flex rooms along the window wall were designed to be a destination for teams to collaborate and take in the views. Prefabricated glass walls from DIRTT supported acoustical requirements, and allowed light to filter through the space.

An Inspired Team
It was a true collaboration of the entire team that brought this project to fruition. Ongoing idea sharing helped create solutions that met the aesthetic vision and budget. Some of the existing furniture was reused to help keep the budget in check, and was strategically placed to support the design vision.

Boston, MA Location
Unispace Interior Architecture & General Contractor
Herman Miller Workstations, Private Offices & Seating
DIRTT Prefabricated Interior Walls

“The new furniture is excellent and people love the new space. It has had a very positive impact on peoples’ moods and the overall environment. Working with COP was a pleasure and we are thankful for all that you did (and do).”
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