Academy of Natural Sciences

Since its opening in 2012, the charter school underwent it’s first renovation to bring a flexible and elegant look to the space.

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A Unique Design Scenario
An unused historic school on the National Register list provided the perfect location for the Academy of Natural Sciences to create a modern learning environment. Retaining much of the 1905 building’s character, COP worked with Harriman to respect the history while developing alterations that support efficient classrooms.

Matching the Environment
Earth tones in the classroom and common areas fit the school’s focus on the environment and sustainability. Incorporating the large windows of the building and natural light add a sizable boost to the space. It was critical to fit the values and aesthetic of the school into a new design aspect.

Inspired Students
With a beginning enrollment of 125 at the onset of the project, the school is now on the way to achieving their goal of 200 students from across Maine. Since the renovation, students feel more valued by the school’s investment in study and collaboration spaces. Students feel better equipped to do group work, and faculty can see a noticeable difference.

Lasting Connections
The initial vision was to support cross-functional collaboration and student-faculty connection. The idea was embraced with a range of collaborative areas and the use of conference-type tables in the classrooms that promote talking, ideating, and sharing ideas.

Harriman Architecture + Design
Herman Miller Tables, Side Seating, Filing
Desks, Soft Seating