GRIP™ is a generous meeting table, a modern and practical cafeteria table, a long impressive conference table, a flexible-mobile working desk; GRIP is a universal table suitable for all purposes. The GRIP™ table is a new design inspired by tightrope walkers who balance by means of a long pole – thus the top balances on a narrow beam supported by cast aluminum legs. Grip™ gets more stable the more weighted it becomes. Gravity becomes a fellow player in the locking construction with which the table is assembled. The position of the table legs can be easily changed depending on the requirements of each situation. At the center of the table structure there is a strong floating beam which has the unique ability of creating a long freestanding table. The innovative beam solution makes it possible to use only 2 pairs of legs in order to make a stable and secure table up to 117” long. The unique scissor action securely grips the central rail in any position along the length. Bases are die cast aluminum and are available in one size. Finish offered in glass bead blasted (textured) and a selection of powder coat finishes in black, white, red and silver. A variety of top shapes and sizes are offered in all standard Nienkämper veneers and plastic laminates, as well as black linoleum.