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Herman Miller + Liz Roach

Artist Liz Roache teamed up with Herman Miller to explore what happens when "Art Meets Furniture" at the Boston Design Center.

November 3, 2021
display of colorful Herman Miller furniture and art by Liz Roache

Boston-based artist, designer and color expert Liz Roache is known for her colorful artwork and textiles. Considering Herman Miller's history of colorful designs like Alexander Girard's textiles or the rainbow of finishes available for the Eames Shell Chairs, this relationship was a match made in design-heaven.

In Fall of 2021, Liz set up her open studio in the Boston Design Center to showcase how her expressive art pieces can pair perfectly with Herman Miller's classic and modern designs.

display of colorful Herman Miller furniture and art by Liz Roache
"Color has the power to lift us up, make us happy, and change our moods. Color should be a magnetic force that makes us want to stay right in front of it. This is the way I treat all of my color work. Whether it’s a large piece or small, bold or quiet, color should be like a very good companion in a room. It should make us feel optimistic and remind us that no matter what - life is beautiful. This has always been the meaning behind color for me." - Liz Roache, Artist
Artist Liz Roache presenting her art to a group of women wearing a colorful jacket made from her prints

Art + Furniture = Love

Can't visit Liz's studio in person? Check out this Virtual Studio created to display the colorful pairings of art and furniture.

Virtual Studio