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  • 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

Creative Office Pavilion’s Boston HQ 2020 Recycling Achievements

February 5, 2021
Creative Office Pavilion Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Recycling Program environmental solutions

In 2020, Creative Office Pavilion’s efforts saved close to 4 metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere and saving over 70 trees by recycling over 8,500 pounds of paper and cardboard and 1,500 pounds of plastic, glass and metal in our showroom.

The Boston Design Center’s property management company Jamestown LLC manages Creative Office Pavilion’s cardboard, plastic and composting initiatives. Creative Office Pavilion uses Earthworm for paper recycling.

Earthworm is a local, mission-based nonprofit organization working to lower the hurdles that businesses face when they seek to establish recycling programs for paper, bottles and cans, and office electronics. Creative Office Pavilion has been partnering with Earthworm for over 15 years to support our sustainability initiatives at our Boston headquarters.

We are committed to properly recycling everything we are able to, from our packaging materials down to items used by employees at the office level. In 2021, we pledge to continue taking the necessary steps to reduce our environmental footprint and design workplace environments that encourage businesses and people to deliver their best.