Emerging Businesses

We create environments that help new businesses thrive – and prepare them for the future.

Today’s emerging businesses have lots in common: innovative business models, talented people, and big plans for tomorrow. To grow in today’s economy they need flexible workplace environments that can be installed quickly and scaled affordably. Our team understands the trends impacting emerging businesses, and creates solutions for companies at every stage of their business development.


Early stage companies seeking venture capital must strike a careful balance between managing costs and creating professional spaces that build credibility and enhance productivity. We provide a full range of cost-effective, functional, and attractive furnishings and accessories ideal for young, visionary enterprises.

Established and expanding

As businesses grow and evolve, workplace requirements change. We help growing organizations understand how the built environment can impact company brand and employee recruitment/retention, and we provide innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Our expertise extends far beyond products and into timeline development, code compliance, space planning, design, installation, project management, and other services. We partner with clients to create environments that meet their needs today, and leave them well positioned to innovate, collaborate, and grow.