Technology in Education


Today, technology in the classroom is on the rise. Teachers are feeling increasingly tolerant and even excited about integrating various technologies into their teaching methods. Social media, for example, is now allowing teachers to feel less isolated in their classrooms by connecting them to other teachers, which is, in turn, also allowing them to improve their teaching methods by sharing lesson ideas and teaching strategies. However, despite the escalating excitement for technology among instructors, there are still teachers who are reluctant to introduce new technologies into their classrooms. Because of this, I believe it has become imperative for schools to foster a culture that encourages the integration of technology in the classroom. Although many schools may not be able to afford new computers or mobile tablets, for example, there are other measures that a school can take to encourage the incorporation of technology in a positive way. Schools can develop professional training and development services for its faculty, allowing them to become more comfortable and familiar with technology. Teachers will feel less reluctant to adopt new and unfamiliar approaches if they are encouraged and guided by a non-threatening culture and by the example of their fellow faculty members.

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