Our designers are furniture experts well versed on workplace trends like patient-centered healthcare, shared workspace, LEAN design, and alternative work styles. They share their thought leadership across different markets, including corporatehealthcare, and emerging business, bringing fresh ideas to every project.

They’re trained on product lines from Herman Miller and other manufacturers, and understand all the behind-the-scenes factors crucial to project success, from managing schedules and budgets to integrating with power, data, and other building infrastructure.


Our design services are tailored to each project: we can partner directly with clients on furniture selection and aesthetics or execute on projects developed by other designers; and provide specialized expertise in areas like flooring and walls.


At Creative Office Pavilion our designers combine strategic thinking, tactical expertise, and a collaborative, flexible approach to bring workplace solutions to life.

Our services include:

  • Space planning
  • Programming
  • Standards programs
  • A&D collaboration

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