Party In The Park 2015

Melisa Donato from Creative Office Pavilion and Sarah Gregory from Herman Miller had the pleasure of hosting 7 designers at the Party in the Park fundraiser that took place at the Pinebank Promontory at Jamaica Pond. Designers from Gensler, Dyer Brown, Fusion Design, Bruner Cott and TK&A joined us for an elegant champagne lunch. The event is known as the “hat lunch” because attendees have taken to wearing extravagant hats to complete their look.

Party in the Park supports the restoration and maintenance of the Emerald Necklace park system, over 1,100 acres of meadows, woodlands and paths that extend from Boston through Dorchester.

This year the event raised over $935,000 to plant, prune and care for the trees. COP and Herman Miller were proud to be a part of the efforts.



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