Creative Office Pavilion and Flores Valles have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement in an effort to deliver leading edge laboratory solution to clients in the industrial, higher education, and research laboratory environments.  The Creative Office Pavilion/Flores Valles partnership combines the most innovative and technologically advanced laboratory furniture systems with an unparalleled level of customer service and project management.  This synergy allows us to provide the safest, most efficient and flexible laboratory environments to our clients.  Our dedicated team of lab specialists will help clients select the appropriate lab equipment, products and materials that perform well over time and reduce energy consumption.  This is crucial in both lab remodeling and new lab design.

Established in 1830, Flores Valles is a Spanish company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and installation of state-of-the-art steel laboratory furniture and fume hoods.  Flores Valles works as a laboratory project consultant, working in partnership with lab planners, architects, and customers throughout the project to clearly define all the technical aspects of a project until its complete installation.  Flores Valles has successfully completed laboratory projects all over the world for over 70 years, and has built a reputation of reliability, quality and innovation.

With the objective of remaining integrated in a continually changing scientific environment, Flores Valles has created laboratory furniture systems capable of responding to any end-user need through their design, materials and functionality of the new ADAPTA® and Infinity Lab Systems.

Fully engineered “laboratory system” which allows the laboratory to be designed and outfitted, from a basic table to a full floor-to-ceiling demountable system capable of defining and supporting lab spaces within lab spaces.

List of Product Offerings

  • ADAPTA System
    • Premium Furniture System
    • Full spectrum of product ranging from simple tables to demountable walls
    • Full steel construction
    • All products are physically and aesthetically compatible
  • Infinity Lab System
    • Unique benching system, designed specifically for the U.S. market
    • Fully integrated services
    • Full steel construction
    • Three designs offering unique capabilities
  • Fume Hoods
    • Broad product offering
    • Optional self-contained air flow system
    • Automated sash option
    • Full metal construction
    • Full complement of configurations

Supporting tasks which produce outstanding results.

Discovery through supportive collaboration.

Innovative design and technology to support dynamic environments.