Drawing Attention to Patient-Centered Care


Are you exclusive? Everyone who strives in their profession, their art, their sport, wants to be The Exclusive.

The Boston Bruins skate hard to be the exclusive winners of the Stanley Cup every year, journalists mobbed Nelson Mandela to be first to print his story when he was released after 27 years in prison, and Michelangelo begged for exclusive access to the Sistine Chapel to paint his vision on its ceiling.

We compete for exclusivity in healthcare too. Hospitals and health systems rent billboards to declare their top ranking cardiology program or cancer center. They jockey for position atop the city’s patient satisfaction scores. And they promote their 5-Star Rankings from Health Grades, Inc. on their websites.

Exclusivity draws our attention. It gives us a platform to boost sales, celebrate wins, and spread our message.

Planetree, a non-profit organization founded in 1978 committed to influencing patient-centered care, also understands the value of exclusivity.  That’s why in 1999 it founded the Planetree Visionary Design Network, an exclusive group of organizations that Planetree believes exemplify patient-centered care in their organizational culture, values, and design methods.

The Planetree Visionary Design Network consisted of only 11 architectural and interior design firms until 2012, when it rang the exclusivity bell once again. Planetree named Herman Miller Healthcare the first manufacturer member of their Visionary Design Network. Now an ongoing Planetree partner, Herman Miller Healthcare is proud to be recognized for values that it has held dear for decades: To design healing spaces that enable patients to heal, caregivers to excel, and family members to feel welcome.

In the future, Planetree may certify additional manufacturers to join its prestigious Design Network. Herman Miller Healthcare, however, will always have exclusive rights to the title of “First.”

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